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Anthea Leeson | Sole Trader

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I have known Tori since 2008 when we studied our Bachelor of Accounting together. Tori was always very quick to understand each new subject, and was able to articulate these understandings to our study group. I watched her knowledge and natural accounting ability blossom while we studied together, and when she landed her job at a chartered accounting firm, I knew they would be thrilled with their new colleague’s ability.

From that time, Tori has gone from strength to strength and has constantly demonstrated not only her technical accounting ability, but also her ability to explain concepts to clients and built up a rapport with them.

When Tori announced that she was going to focus on bookkeeping, my first reaction was how incredibly lucky her potential bookkeeping clients would be. No stone would go unturned when she would be doing their books, and she would be able to apply her accounting knowledge in a bookkeeping role – a very rare occurrence amongst bookkeepers.

As a result, Aegis Bookkeeping is not just about great bookkeeping – it’s about outstanding bookkeeping that one would be hard placed to find anywhere else.

I have personally used Tori and Aegis Bookkeeping on a number of occasions, and have found her knowledge and customer skills to be exceptional.

Anyone who chooses to use Tori and Aegis Bookkeeping will not regret it. In short – you can’t find a better bookkeeping service.

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